SEN liquid shampoo granules, lemongrass with avocado

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Natural shampoo granules with lemongrass and avocado. SEN shampoo granules in a biodegradable paper bag are a great, environmentally friendly alternative to a plastic bottle of liquid shampoo. To convert the granules to a liquid shampoo simply add water.  It's ready to make liquid shampoo without the plastic bottle and with a lower carbon footprint. We call it our "solid liquid shampoo"!

To make liquid shampoo, tip half the granules into a cup or small jug and pour in just enough hot water to cover. Add the rest of the granules and a little mote hot water if needed. Stir well and allow to thicken for at least 24 hours before pouring into a SEN reusable dispenser bottle or an old shampoo bottle. A kitchen funnel will come in handy here. Top up to 250ml with hot or cold water and shake the bottle well before use. To buy a SEN shampoo bottle click here.

Just like our shampoo bar, SEN liquid shampoo leaves your hair clean and stripped of build up. No petroleum derived chemicals - just natural shampoo, hand-made with care and delicately fragranced with lemongrass essential oil. Tested on humans only.  

Usage: massage into the roots of wet hair  to create a low suds lather. Use sparingly - a little goes a long way. Rinse thoroughly, carefully avoiding contact with the eyes. 

Ingredients: water, sodium salts of oils of coconut, olive, rapeseed, castor, avocado and almond, lemongrass essential oil, iron and chromium oxides (trace). Biodegradable packaging, 90g.

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