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sustainable. ecological. natural.

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Our packaging includes recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials only. No single use plastics here.

Shampoo bar

Gorgeous packaging feel luxurious and wholesome at the same time. The shampoo lathered beautifully when I applied to my hair (roots only!!). It felt squeaky clean as soon as I started to rinse.

Lisa, Pembrokeshire

Cleanser bar

I have sensitive skin which reddens very easily and I am prone to attacks of acne rosacea. I have found the SEN natural face cleanser bar to be very kind to my face as I have no irritation or breakouts whilst using it and my skin texture is much smoother. Whilst my rosacea is not completely cured, it is much improved.

Toby, London

Conditioner bar

The conditioner smells gorgeous and is nice and thick. Very easy to apply, you can feel that it's coating the ends well. I ran my hands through and it doesn't feel like there's any residue left at all.

Betsi, Haverfordwest