About us


Welcome to SEN. We make our products for the home, your hair and your body with both you and the environment in mind. We use natural ingredients, a few reusable plastics and we formulate our products in ways to minimise our carbon footprint. These are all small steps on their own, but (if we all join in) multiplied many times over we will make an impact.

Based in London, we are a small family led team with a wide range of interests but we all love animals, outdoor sports and nature. In fact, our concern for the natural world was the inspiration and motivation behind SEN.

Of course our products have to work well and be kind to you as well as being kind to the environment. Our range is extensively tested on humans and they seem to like them. We've made our shampoo and conditioner bars easier to use by making it easy for you to convert to liquids (with just enough effort required to make it feel gratifying). We've also made most of our products scent free to suit all types of skin including sensitive skin. And importantly to us, we've minimized our use of plastics - not just in our packaging but in all aspects of SEN production, storage and dispatch. It's a lifestyle choice...