SEN hand and body liquid soap flakes

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Natural hand and body soap flakes. Convert our gentle soap flakes into moisturising liquid soap just by adding water. Place half of the granules in a small cup or jug, cover with hot water and stir. Add the rest of the granules and a little more hot water if needed. Stir well and after 24-48 hours it will thicken to the consistency of liquid soap. Pour into a SEN hand and body soap dispenser bottle or an old 500ml  bottle. You will need a kitchen funnel here. Top up to 500ml with hot or cold water and shake well before use.  NB it will not thicken in the bottleTo buy a SEN hand and body soap bottle click here.

Ingredients: water, sodium salts of oils of olive, rapeseed, coconut, castor and cocoa butter, rose geranium essential oil, iron oxide (trace). Biodegradable packaging, 85g.




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