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SEN "solid liquid" conditioner! This is for you if you're not travelling and prefer to use a liquid conditioner whilst still caring for the environment. The main constituent of liquid conditioner is water (as with liquid shampoo). We, at SEN, make solid bars so that we can ship to you with minimum of weight and packaging and reducing our carbon footprint! 

Simply place the conditioner bar in a cup or small jug and cover with very hot water. Stir gently until dissolved and the result is liquid conditioner. Allow to cool a little before pouring into a reusable SEN bottle with pump dispenser or an old conditioner bottle. Do this while the conditioner is still warm. A kitchen funnel will come in useful here. Top up to 250ml with hot water and shake the bottle well before use. Use on wet or dry hair and just as with the conditioner bar, hair is left feeling silky and smooth. Tested on humans only.  To buy a SEN conditioner bottle click here.

Usage: massage the conditioner into the ends of wet hair. Use sparingly - only a little is needed. Leave in for two minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Can also be applied in a more targeted way onto dry hair.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, coconut oil, BTMS25 (plant derived), oat silk, citric acid, eco-preservative (benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, sorbic acid, benzoic acid).  Biodegradable packaging, 50g.

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